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After surviving the console wars of the 1990s, the Bit War Veterans are here to bring you current and retro gaming news and discussions, connecting games of the past back to the future.
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Apr 3, 2020

The Bit War Veterans are BACK and re-mastered! We talk about the current and upcoming remasters, re-releases, and remakes. We cover some recent news like the Sony Playstation auction and GameStop shenanigans. For the "Tells the Tale" section, we ask our Twitter followers which games they would like to see remade.

Aug 1, 2019

The Bit War Veterans are back from ANOTHER trip to Japan. This time we explored the game stores and retro arcades of Osaka and purchased a Sega Saturn. We also talk about the Square Enix Cafe Osaka, Space Station Retro Game Bar, the Kirby Cafe, Pokemon Center, Akihabara, the new SEGA Arcade #5, Luida's Dragon Quest Bar, UFO Catchers/Crane Games, Fuji-Q Highland, and the crazy antics we found ourselves in.


Somewhere in this podcast is a SECRET PHRASE for our DragonBall Z Goku figure giveaway. Listen for it, and send the secret word to the Bit War Veterans (Twitter DM or Email) and the winner will be chosen from there at random on August 15th.



Jun 30, 2019

We have not one, but TWO former SEGA Tips & Tricks Hotline employees sharing their experiences in this episode. SinceSpacies (Brian Costelloe) and Tim Gadler join us for two very entertaining and exciting interviews where they discuss what it was like working for the hotline, how they became employed by SEGA, and crazy callers. 

Then we "Tell the Tales" of times you called tips and cheat hotlines and your favorite and most memorable cheat codes.


You can follow SinceSpacies on Twitter:

And on YouTube:


You can follow Tim Gadler on Twitter:

May 31, 2019

The Bit War Veterans celebrate video game movies all the way from the beginning, Super Mario Bros., to the latest, Detective Pikachu, and everything else in between. We cover the good, the (mostly) bad, and the Uwe Boll. 


After discussing some breaking gaming movie news and critiquing the Sonic Movie design, we give you our two bits, and your tweets, on Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Wing Commander, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, every Resident Evil movie, House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, DOOM, BloodRayne, Silent Hill, Dead or Alive, Postal, Hitman, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Far Cry, Max Payne, Tekken, The Prince of Persia, Need for Speed, Warcraft, Assassin's Creed, Rampage, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within and Advent Children, Ace Attorney, King of Fighters, and Kingsglaive.



Apr 14, 2019

The Bit War Veterans are back from Japan with exciting stories about arcades, retro game shops, game cafes, Akihabara, and more!


We visited various Sega arcades, Taito Stations, Super Potato, retro game stores, the Gundam Cafe, the Square Enix cafe Artnia, Container the SNK Neo-Geo store, Luida's Dragon Quest bar, and other fun locations.


We go in-depth about arcade games like Darius Burst EX, Border Break, Wonderland Wars, Soul Reverse, Starwing Paradox, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Time Crisis V, Fleet Girls, Gunslinger Stratos, train simulators, rhythm games, and more.


Find out the places to visit for gamers and anime otaku in Akihabara and throughout Tokyo.


Jan 28, 2019

Press START to hear all about the history of video game controllers! We have a special guest Kevin Harbin on the show talking about his new book "The Evolution of Gamepads" 


We also discuss some new technology by Hyperkin allowing the use of a new NES Zapper-like controller, the Hyper Blaster HD, to be used on HDTVs, and other companies making new controllers for retro systems.


We finish off by reading your tweets discussing the best, worst, and weirdest controllers. See what's voted as the worst of all time!

Jan 1, 2019

We review the year of 2018 in RAPID FIRE. Our topics are: Detective Pikachu/Sonic Movies, Mini Consoles and Soulja Boy, Loot Boxes, Nintendo Switch Online, Telltale Games going under, Fallout 76, Super Smash Bros., Epic Store, Blizzard/Diablo Immortal, Microsoft's Buying Spree, Nintendo vs. ROMs, AAA Gaming Stocks, New Console Rumors, Old Franchise Reboots, and 2019 Game Releases. 


Then we read our Twitter topic of "What was the best gaming or geeky items you have given to someone else?"


Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS from the Bit War Veterans!

Nov 30, 2018

On this episode of the Bit War Veterans we look in to Prima game strategy guides, and other companies like Brady and Versus. When did they start? How are they made? And why did they go under?

We read tweets from our followers about the guides they owned and the memories they had of flipping through their pages.

The guides we had are precious to us. We look at when they stopped being a useful commodity and turned into more of a collector's item. Is there a place in the future for game guides?

Oct 27, 2018

It's the Bit War Veterans Halloween Special!

We cover spooky Vaporware, games which disappeared from development. Our titles include Ghostwire, Starcraft: Ghosts, Chuckie: Wanna Play, Fifth Phantom, Matrix Runner, and Zombie High.

Next, we interview Steven Long of about his new book, "Why Your Indie Game is Doomed to Fail." He talks about the steps indie game devs need to take for success, and common mistakes made in indie game marketing.

Last, our Twitter followers Tell the Tale of games that made them so scared they had to turn off the console and run away! Thanks to our Veterans that contributed: YellowLantern12, RetroRevelation, ABeerAndAGame, AlexIresq, RetrogamesNow, MarylSKavanagh, imkusari, GalleyFox, Des_Roin, LozzimusPrime, GamersRest, HylianUsual, lakakalo, ZombiManos, pukeyface, theDCD, Winstolf, FireryPaperMario, Benderman42, NorrinRadd3rd, SpaceCptZemo, VanRockingham, Saygah, MoeGrantHarris.

Sep 10, 2018

There's a treasure trove of rare games and consoles in Video Game Alley in Seoul. We visit and share our experiences of seeing lots of hard-to-find collectibles as well as our purchases.

Then we talk about our time at ComicCon Seoul and all of the wonderful cosplay and art we had the privilege of viewing.

If you could own any rare, odd, or obscure piece of gaming hardware, what would you want? We asked our Twitter and Facebook audience and got a ton of responses. Some of the things discussed are the Nintendo Playstation, FM Towns Marty, Vectrex, Apple Pippin, Sega Neptune, PS1 Net Yaroze, Sharp X68000, and MORE!


Thanks to all of our Twitter/Facebook friends for your responses!

You can follow us at

Aug 7, 2018

Max Inventory and Meow Te Ching are BACK and broadcasting from South Korea. In our return episode we talk about a few arcades we visited in Korea and our experiences with a bootleg NES Classic Mini.

Then we explore new ways to emulate Xbox, PS3, and the Switch. Next, we talk about games we bought on the Steam Summer Sale and upcoming games we're excited about shown at E3.

Last, we wrap up our episode with your twitter responses to the question, "What would you be tweeting about if it were 1995?"


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Sep 30, 2017

Meow Te Ching is back with a brand new SNES Mini Classic Edition. Hear her first impressions on the console and game choices. Then we hear our twitter follower's tales of games that were disappointing but still had some redeeming qualities.


Next episodes "Tell the Tales" question is: Did you have any gaming traditions or superstitions as a child?


You can share your answer with @meowteching, @bitwarvets, or shoot us an email at

Jul 30, 2017

Meow Te Ching and Max Inventory re-cap some of their favorite announcements and lesser known games (and more!) from San Diego Comic-Con, Disney's D23 event, and E3 2017.


Some of the upcoming titles we talk about are: Metroid: Samus Returns, Metroid Prime 4, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kirby Switch, Yoshi Switch, Pokken Tournament DX, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Cuphead, The Last Night, Total War: Warhammer 2, Battletech, Wolfenstein 2 ,Ooblets, Griftlands, Stifled, Dragonball Fighter Z, A Way Out, Monster Hunter: World, Starlink and Kingdom Hearts 3


Jun 29, 2017

The Bit War Veterans share your tweets about your favorite weapons in video games. We talk about the new Contra movie, a Battletoads mod, Sonic Mania, an odd Nintendo Switch decision, and two upcoming titles Lost Sphere and Tiny Metal. Meow Te Ching and Max Inventory also have a very important and special announcement for everyone, so please listen!


(p.s. check and update your RSS feeds because we are having trouble with our feedburner. Our working RSS feed is )

Apr 26, 2017

We say goodbye to our fallen comrade MadCatz, the third party peripheral company, and the NES Classic Mini, taken before it's time. We explore why Bioware, a beloved company, has fallen out of favor with its latest release of Mass Effect Andromeda. Next we share our Twitter follower's opinions of game guides and see if they are still relevant or not. On our Game and Watch Radar we feature Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and a new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game called Paprium.

Mar 3, 2017

The Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is here! Max Inventory experiences pre-order shipping delays.... WILL HE GET HIS COPY ON TIME???


NES Mini's are still hard to find in stores. Meow and Max decide to make a RetroPie system from a Raspberry Pi computer.


We read Twitter responses about friendships and relationships made through gaming.


Last on Game and Watch Radar, we recap some of the past titles we talked about and give updates on their releases and Kickstarter status.


All on another exciting episode of the Bit War Veterans!

Feb 1, 2017
Bit War Veterans - Ep005 - Back to The Future 2003

Dial up an exciting episode of the Bit War Veterans as Max and Meow flip through game magazines and talk about upcoming games and tech of the new year.... that is, the year 2003!


Dec 23, 2016
Bit War Veterans - Ep004 - Holiday X-Mas Special 2016

Celebrate the holidays with the Bit War Veterans as they are joined in studio by a friend before they reminiscence with your Tweets about best and worst video game holiday gifts!

Fantasize about Ubisoft and Nintendo's upcoming theme parks, delve into a new indie developed Sega Genesis game, while checking out a fan re-make of Castlevania, and more!

We answer a Twitter question and deliver fresh holiday music that will keep you jingling until next episode next year!

Thank you all, we love you all!

Nov 29, 2016
Bit War Veterans - Episode 003 - Return of the Podcast

Episode 3 is all about gaming voice actors, sound effects, the ongoing voice actor's strike, and our funniest Twitter responses to game FX that trigger our memories, FX we can't get out of our heads.

There's ridiculous Mini NES Classic Edition scalping,a new 2D side-scroller shooter, Rad Rodgers, and a NEW game coming out on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Tanglewood. Many gaming voice actors are on strike! Find out why, and hear about their terms. We conclude with the FX and voice lines we can't get out of our heads!

Oct 25, 2016
Bit War Veterans - Episode 002 - Attack of the VR Clones

New secrets are still being discovered in retro games, Meow Te Ching finds some classic PS2 games, Toejam and Earl are back in the groove, Yooka-Laylee makes a splash, we discuss the history of Virtual Reality, share our thoughts on modern VR, and we respond to our Twitter comments of "Anti-Nostalgia"